Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season
Tips to stay healthy this holiday season

If you have a good routine, stick to it as close as possible.  Habits are how we create health and routines keep us in our healthy habits once we have started them.  Now we all know that there will be parties and changes in schedule but don’t let those couple of occasions throw you off of your normal routine that keeps you healthy. 

When attending the holiday parities or times you know you will indulge, prime your body with what it needs first. You will indulge a little less and you will have given your body good nourishment.  Here are a couple of suggestions, fresh fiber first, get some greens and fresh fiber in before you leave for the celebration or get together.   My favorite way to do this is throw some fresh spinach (and whatever other good greens you have around) into my Vitamix with some fruit (my favorites are pineapple or peach) blend with a little water and enjoy while you get ready.  Also, don’t forget the water, being well hydrated will help you not over eat the bad stuff, and water is something we can all use a little more of. 

Don’t kill the germs, limit their impact on your system.  We don’t want to kill the germ because it will just make the whole of them stronger.  Instead we want to limit their impact on us.   Some of my favorite ways to do this are with colloidal silver and thieve oil.  Colloidal silver neutralizes bacteria and virus’s ability to replicate thus not letting them spread.  Thieves oil is a great natural disinfectant as well as an antimicrobial.

Don’t stop moving.  Although it is colder outside and we are typically doing less outdoors naturally, we still need to keep up with a movement routine.  Exercise in my opinion is a nutrient requirement for the human body and we must do it on a multiple times per week to daily basis.  And just because it is winter time doesn’t mean we should slow this down. 

Don’t skip your vitamin D.  This time of year, it is essential to supplement with vitamin D since our exposure to the sun is much less.  You can refer to my Vitamin D blog for more specific information. 

Keep boundaries for your personal time.  I believe having personal quiet reflection time is essential and with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season this is one of the first areas compromised.  Make sure you still make time for yourself.  My personal favorite time is in the early morning. 


Hope this helps your holiday season be a bit healthier!!


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