Micro Traumas
Micro Traumas

Micro traumas are mini injuries that at the surface don’t appear to cause any issues. However, the more micro traumas we accumulate over time the bigger the effect they have on our bodies. These traumas can be caused by daily activities such as sitting in bad positions day after day or driving in a bumpy car on a regular basis. Micro traumas occur in every tissue type in the body. To understand the issues with micro-trauma, you have to understand the difference between normal and injured tissue.



When viewed under a microscope normal body tissue should make grid like, organized pattern.  These patterns are structured in such a way that they can handle movement and heavy loads on a regular basis. However, when this tissue is exposed to repetitive stress or multiple smaller injuries, the human body will begin to re-arrange this tissue.



Tissues become injured when exposed to multiple stressors over and over again without getting adequate amounts of rest and proper ergonomics.  When injured, this tissue gets jumbled and pushed around. The body deals with this disorganized tissue by filling in the gaps with scar tissue. The body lays down scar tissue in an attempt to prevent movement while it is healing.  The issue with scar tissue is that it is in its early stages it is weaker and does not function like normal. This also means that this tissue is more prone to injury if not corrected.  

How to Heal Injured Tissue

Healing injured tissue takes time.  Once injured tissue has developed scar tissue it can take several months to heal.  To start the healing process, the first step is to pinpoint the cause and remove the stimulus that caused the injury in the first place.  Once the stressor is removed, the next step in healing involves breaking up the scar tissue by mobilizing the joints and tissues. Breaking up the scar tissue will help accelerate the healing process and allow the body to return to normal faster.  Mobilization of the injured area means the body will gain function faster.

How Chiropractic can Help

Chiropractic is beneficial in both the healing process and prevention.  The chiropractic adjustment improves range of motion that is lost from microtraumas by restoring joint mobility and function.  The adjustment helps by breaking up scar tissue and allowing the body to lay down healthy tissue. Chiropractic is also great at preventing injuries through both education and decreasing the buildup of scar tissue.


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