How do we Achieve Health? By Dr. Alex Gohring
Achieve health

We have all been sick at some point in our lives and have wanted to feel better.  Unfortunately, when we start to feel better we tend to stop there.  We focus on the symptoms and once they have subsided, we think we are healthy.  Modern medicine is designed to function the same way.  While you can turn to pills to help you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, they don’t address the reasons why they are high in the first place. 

True health can be achieved by focusing on two things: removing toxicities and filling deficiencies.  This means all we have to do is give our body what it needs to flourish and remove anything that affects us negatively.  For example, when we fuel our bodies with a clean diet, exercise regularly, and maintain positive mental practices, we are satisfying our bodies needs and preventing and filling deficiencies.  However, when we eliminate harmful things, such as fast food, excess stress, and subluxations, we are removing toxicities from our lives. 

How does chiropractic fit in?

One of the best ways chiropractic keeps us healthy is by removing subluxations from the body through an adjustment. Your brain uses your spinal cord and nerves to communicate with the body and have it perform the necessary every day functions needed to live. A subluxation is a misalignment of your spinal column that interferes with the communication between the brain and the body.  When a chiropractor adjusts the spine, they are correcting subluxations and allowing the nervous system to function free of interference.  This allows your brain to communicate freely with the rest of your body, allowing it to function optimally. Removing subluxations also helps the body adapt and handle daily stresses, which can mean less sickness and pain, better bowl regularity, improved mental clarity, better regulated blood pressure, and improved organ function just to list a few.

What does this mean?

It is important to keep in mind that health is not a destination, it’s a process.  Every little thing you can do for your health adds up.  At the end of the day, your goal is to make more positive decisions for your health than negative ones.  By getting adjusted regularly and maintaining a nervous system clear of subluxations, your body is in the best position to function as it is designed to.

Dr. Alex Gohring


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