Farm to Fork through Community Supported Agriculture

“Eating is an agricultural act.”  –Wendell Berry, “The Pleasures of Eating”

Connecting healthy, local, sustainable, certified organic food to your plate not only provides your body with its needed quality nutrition but you also know with confidence where your food comes from and how and when it was produced. Using Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct connection between you and the farmer, the freshly harvested produce and its immediate, local delivery. What is CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is formed through cooperative partnerships to fund local farming and pay the true costs of ecologically sound and socially equitable agriculture. Joining a seasonal CSA is a shared commitment between you and the farmer. You eat locally grown, freshly harvested food (the basis of a healthy diet); receive a share of produce every week during the growing season (roughly early May through the end of November); and members have a contract for the season to be the farm’s customer such that the farmers are supported, grow your nutritious food, while preserving environmental quality and soil health. CSAs also train people wanting to learn the skills of organic farming and management of CSA operations, these are called “apprenticeships”, and those with CSA “memberships” (sometimes called “subscriptions”) can volunteer time on the farm and distribution sites as a part of this re-connection to one’s food.


Eat Healthy, Local, Sustainable, Certified Organic Food

Happy Hollow Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), also present at the Columbia Farmers Market every Saturday temporarily located in the east parking lot of the Parkade Plaza

FarmHER LIZ (Liz Graznak)


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