How a Chiropractor Can Provide Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatica pain relief

The Achieve Balance Approach to Relief Sciatica pain is an intense discomfort in one’s lower back that may extend to the hips and even the lower portion of the legs. The extent of this acute pain can vary from patient to patient, but it’s not uncommon for our patients to report that they’ve been forced […]



The word that puts acai bowls on a pedestal and accompanies every advertisement for the miracles of celery juice. Social media influencers caption selfies with “taking a cell phone detox”. Retreats bolster a detox from life’s daily stressors. The word, as it should be, is growing in use. Detox is crucial for an optimally functioning […]

Gut Health

Gut Health

People all over the world, from third-world countries to the British Palace, heal from the same diseases on different healing protocols. Accessibility to certain types of foods and different techniques varies by geography. The common denominator resides in the innate intelligence of the body. For anyone who is unfamiliar, there is a connection between the […]

Micro Traumas

Micro Traumas

Micro traumas are mini injuries that at the surface don’t appear to cause any issues. However, the more micro traumas we accumulate over time the bigger the effect they have on our bodies. These traumas can be caused by daily activities such as sitting in bad positions day after day or driving in a bumpy […]

Text Neck Treatment and Prevention

Text neck treatment and prevention

Text neck is becoming a more and more prevalent health issue in our current society.  Text neck is characterized by the reduction of – or reversal of – the natural curvature in the neck

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

How to Stay Hydrated Most people don’t fully understand the importance of consuming the appropriate amount of water.  It’s one of the most essential nutrients human beings need to survive considering the human body is over 60% water.  This means that without adequate water consumption, many bodily processes won’t function properly, or at all.  Sufficient […]

How to Get More Vitamin D

How to get more vitamin D

Summer is a wonderful time when countless people and families look to spend more time outside enjoy the warmer days.  With all this time outside there are a few questions that often arise.  Do we need sun exposure?  What can I do if I don’t get enough sun? How the Sun is Harmful When talking […]

Surviving your Desk Job

How to survive your desk job

Every job comes with its own set of health hazards, no matter the profession. This is not only referring to manual labor or other forms of highly physical work, but even office work. Just because the work is low impact doesn’t mean there aren’t significant health risks after an extended period of time. Let’s take […]

Chiropractic and Healthcare

Chiropractic and health care

Many of us only get in to see the doctor when we’re sick and feeling miserable. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the sickness altogether and see a doctor to maintain wellness? Preventative care through chiropractic is the solution; it costs much less to prevent sickness and disease than treatment for it. Think of all […]

Creating Healthy Habits

Creating healthy habits

It is that time again when we bring in a new year with new resolutions to improve something about our lives. Whether it is losing weight, working out more, or improving one’s relationship, there is a lot to be said about resolutions. They can be good and bad, but why can changing these things seem […]