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Dr. Arminta Phelps DC, CCWP

Dr. Phelps is the owner of Achieve Balance Chiropractic in Columbia, Missouri. She began Achieve Balance as a part of her mission to help people achieve optimal health and wellness through chiropractic care and wellness education. 

Dr. Phelps completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri–Columbia and earned a doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic-Davenport, the fountainhead of Chiropractic.  Dr. Phelps earned her Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner certification in January 2018 be be able to provide the best wellness care to her patients and community.   

Incorporating state of the art technology within her practice is important to Dr. Phelps. She wants to ensure the highest quality of care for her practice members in a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

Dr. Alex pic

Dr. Alex Gohring DC

Dr. Alex Gohring received his undergraduate education at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. He went on to pursue his passion of natural health at Logan College of Chiropractic where he attained his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Gohring is committed to restoring and maintaining natural health in his community through education and chiropractic care.  Dr. Alex is very family-oriented, and when he is out of the office you can find him spending time with his wife, Jessica, appreciating the outdoors with his dog, Casey, or volunteering his time with community service groups.

 “I am honored to be working with a team so dedicated to providing the highest quality of health and knowledge that chiropractic has to offer.” Dr. Gohring views every day as a gift and is determined to help his community discover health.

Dr. Jenny Pic

Dr. Jenny Sparks DC

Dr. Jenny Sparks received her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, MO. She discovered her passion for chiropractic soon after and went on to earn her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University in Chesterfield, MO. Dr. Jenny is also certified in Meridian Therapy, Acupressure, and Acupuncture.

Dr. Jenny recently moved to Columbia, MO to join the Achieve Balance Chiropractic team. She is very excited to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals through chiropractic care.

Outside of the office, Dr. Jenny enjoys spending time with her fiance, Christopher and their dogs, Jack and Hazel.

Christopher Scrivner

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Chris received his education in International Business at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

Shortly after relocating to Columbia, MO in 2013, Chris found himself under care at Achieve Balance Chiropractic. Amazed with his results, the positive atmosphere at Achieve Balance, and the power of Chiropractic, Chris was enthusiastic to join the team in 2015.

He looks forward to helping Achieve Balance Chiropractic transform Columbia into a healthy and hope-filled community.

Gwendolen Carl

Gwendolen Carl has been on staff with Achieve Balance Chiropractic since its founding and is the mother of owner and Chiropractor Dr. Arminta Phelps.

Gwen earned a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Missouri in 1974. She returned to Columbia in 1999 with two daughters who also have become Mizzou graduates.

Gwen since has earned an MBA degree from Columbia College and uses those skills in processing patient insurance and the practice’s finances.

With a remarkable chiropractic story herself, Gwen was  diagnosed with MS in 2004. She chose chiropractic care over drug therapy and no longer suffers from fatigue or frequent falls that had affected her quality of life.

She loves to share her enthusiasm and knowledge about the power of principled chiropractic!

Kelsie Olkoski

Kelsie was born and raised in a small town near Carbondale, IL. She moved to Columbia, MO in 2016 when she started at the University of Missouri. In 2020, she earned her bachelors degree in Animal Science.

Kelsie joined the Achieve Balance team in 2020. She is passionate about chiropractic and the bodies ability to heal itself with the proper care.

Outside of the office, Kelsie is either traveling home to visit her family or spending time with her two dogs, Nina and Winston.

Bekah Davis

Bekah Davis has worked in Chiropractic for 6 years. Before joining the team at Achieve Balance, she was seeking care herself, and getting regular adjustments. She learned early on, the importance of Chiropractic care and the powerful effect it has on the body.

Bekah enjoys the therapy and tech side of Chiropractic, taking X-Rays and seeing the physical change within patients.

Outside of the office, she enjoys fishing, riding 4 wheelers and hanging out with her identical twin sister.

Bekah is excited to be a part of the Achieve Balance team, and helping Boone County and surrounding areas achieve wellness. “Work never feels like work when you’re doing what you love.”


Olaf joined the team in August of 2014, making short sporadic appearances from time to time. As of November 2015, Olaf has become the official office and building Mascot.

In his spare time, Olaf enjoys tug of war, fetch, and snuggling. He has been so well received, and the amount of joy that this little guy brings to so many people is nothing short of amazing. His “Dogsitter” list grows longer every week.

There is nothing Olaf loves more than loving on his people; he must get this from Dr. Phelps. He has been told he is the first one to master Chiropuptics.

Advanced Techniques

Achieve Balance Chiropractic utilizes Chiropractic in combination with Thermography, Food Sensitivity Testing, Wellness Education and Stress Management Techniques to achieve the best results for each our patients.

Modern Technology

Our advanced technology allows you to see your results quickly. You will notice improvements throughout your care plan.

We Delve To The Root Of The Cause

We recommend care plans that will provide long-term correction rather than simple temporary relief.​

Balanced Health and
Well-Being Techniques

Health and well-being will never truly be seen independently. By combining the two, we are able to get you back to your best life.

Your Health. Our Mission.

Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

At Achieve Balance Chiropractic we use the best of science and natural healing to get you back to life. We take pride in offering the tools our patients need to create balance in their health and well-being, inspiring them to evolve towards total balanced health. 

Embarking on a lifestyle change can be intimidating, and Achieve Balance Chiropractic is the partner that makes the journey achievable and enjoyable. Our approach to care includes a mixture of Chiropractic care, Thermography, Food Sensitivity Testing, Wellness Education and Stress Management Techniques. 

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Hana Haque
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Every step of the process with this office has been amazing. Everything is explained in detail on what they are doing and why. I know some people think chiropractic therapy is more of a mental thing but it is so much more than that. They show you actual proof of what could be causing an ailment or discomfort. They go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Only after going into the office I am greeted by name when I arrive, that feels good to know I am a person to them and not just another patient for money. I recommend everyone just look into their chiropractic health options to possibly improve your life.
Rachel Kesterson
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Everyone at Achieve Balance Chiropractic is amazing! Best adjustment of my life! I walked out feeling drastically better and am very much looking forward to my next appointment. Check them out! You'll be incredibly glad you did!
Vicki Eultgen
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It has taken some time, but an now starting to feel my energy levels going up! They have been working with me for about 2 months now. So excited for this after 2.5 yrs of constant back and foot pain. The crew at Achieve Balance are good for my soul and help me manage my pain levels. I always feel welcome and they are so good about listening. Every visit is a nice way to end my day.
Tony Lotven
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On my first appointment, I was delighted that they took x-rays to see what was going on with my spine, causing constant pain and numbness in my lower back and left hip. After the revelation, its been a long road to normal which is happening more and more often. The road to health is not necessarily paved with prescription drugs. Yeah Achieve Balance Chiropractic!

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