About Us

About Us
Your Health. Our Mission.

Chiropractic and Wellness

At Achieve Balance Chiropractic we use the best of science and natural healing to get you back to life. We take pride in offering the tools our patients need to create balance in their health and well-being, inspiring them to evolve towards total balanced health. 

Embarking on a lifestyle change can be intimidating, and Achieve Balance Chiropractic is the partner that makes the journey achievable and enjoyable. Our approach to care includes a mixture of Chiropractic care, Thermography, Food Sensitivity Testing, Wellness Education and Stress Management Techniques. 

Our Team

A team of Columbia MO chiropractic care experts dedicated to you

Dr. Arminta Phelps DC, CCWP

Dr. Alex Gohring DC

Dr. Jenny Sparks DC


Advanced Techniques

Achieve Balance Chiropractic utilizes Chiropractic in combination with Thermography, Food Sensitivity Testing, Wellness Education and Stress Management Techniques to achieve the best results for each our patients.


Modern Technology

Our advanced technology allows you to see your results quickly. You will notice improvements throughout your care plan.


We Delve To The Root Of The Cause

We recommend care plans that will provide long-term correction rather than simple temporary relief.​


Balanced Health and Well-Being Techniques

Health and well-being will never truly be seen independently. By combining the two, we are able to get you back to your best life.

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